Difference between Cloud and Hosting

In order to have a functioning website, you’re going to need some kind of web hosting. The hosting you choose will depend on your unique needs as a website owner. You’re probably wondering what style of hosting is right for you and have been considering cloud hosting vs. web hosting.

The goal of this post is to clear up the confusion between these two types of hosting. Below we look at the differences between cloud hosting and web hosting, so you can decide what style of hosting is going to be best for your website.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a more general term that refers to where and how you’ll host your website’s files. Essentially, your web host is where all of your website’s files will be stored. At the core, your website is a bundle of files that are sitting on a host somewhere. When a user types in your domain name the browser downloads those files from your web host and displays them.

With standard web hosting, you’ll be storing your site’s files on a single server. The type of server environment you choose will depend upon the size of your website, how much traffic you receive, and your level of technical expertise.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

With cloud hosting, you aren’t renting space on a single physical server. Essentially, all of your server hardware is virtual. It’s a fairly new style of hosting that’s been growing in popularity in recent years.

Cloud hosting offers you unlimited resource expansion, which is great to have if you have a fast-growing site. Your site will also be shielded from malfunctioning servers, as your site can be switched to another server if it’s underperforming.

Published on November 7,2020 by Subash Sandaruwan