Microsoft Azure offers availability zones (AZs)

Microsoft azure also have a wide network of infrastructure regions and availability zones. Infact azure has more infrastructure regions and availability zones worldwide than any other cloud service provider.

There are 54 azure infrastructure regions spread in 140 countries worldwide . And each of these infrastructure regions have a minimum of 3 availability zones. And within each availability zone there are more than one datacenter with independent power,cooling and networking.

AWS currently promotes 60 in 20 global regions. But it’s important to understand that each company has taken a different approach to the design of their cloud infrastructure and how failover and availability occurs between zones and regions. This 2016 Networking World article explores the differences, but the important takeaway is that there are trade offs with each approach. However, as the as the only two hyperscale cloud providers in the world, this distinction makes little difference for most customers.

Does Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure have more data centers?

A cloud provider “zone” may be composed of multiple data centres, or even sharded across multiple data centres. Also, “to have more” isn’t simple, since the cloud providers can choose to own their facility or sublease from a physical datacentre provider.

Published on November 7,2020 by Subash Sandaruwan