Pebble Smartwatch Black Review

The lounge is not just a place for the family history of mobile applications and social networks. Eric Migikowski, the founder of Pebble E-Paper Clock, began working on smartwatches four years ago in his apartment in Tue Delft. In 2010, Migikovsky launched the BlackBerry watch, Impulse Beta. He joined Y Combinator in 2011 and earned an additional $ 375K from several angel investors. But Migikowski later found himself needing more money, and his wallets closed when investors opened their arms.

Migikovsky turned to Kickstarter and advanced his vision of creating a clock that works with a smartphone. His team created Pebbles that connect to your iPhone or Android smartphone. This lightweight watch can run applications that show essential messages, show who you are calling, control your exercise (speed and distance, and control your music applications (for example, Pandora and Spotify)). Thanks to an electronic paper screen, Pebble Pebble Team screen reading recently announced that the watch would support the new Bluetooth 4.0 standard in addition to Bluetooth 2.1. The ages are the lapse of battery seven today when it is linked with a compatible device that can be extended much would.

The Kickstarter project is completed in less than a week, and the Pebble team has access to funds. Last month, Pebble promised $ 100,000, but to the surprise of the entire team, they received more than $ 10 million in funds from 67,423 supporters. The team also plans to publish an open SDK to allow developers to update Pebble with their applications.

Investors were reluctant to bet on Migikovsky’s watches, but that did not stop him. Due to Migikovsky’s persistence, Pebble became the most-funded Kickstarter project. What makes their funds so attractive is the support and enthusiasm of their clients. In September, the company will receive around 85,000 watches for supporters who have trusted the project.

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