Slack and Amazon partner to take on Microsoft Teams

Slack has signed a multi-year agreement with Amazon, which means that all Amazon employees can start using Slack. The deal comes as Slack faces more competition from Microsoft teams, with Slack migrating its voice and video calling features to the Amazon Chime platform and widespread use of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Thanks to a company-wide agreement, Amazon is leaving a large part of the deal to all employees. It is not immediately clear how many of Amazon’s 840,000 employees use Slack. To date, IBM is Slack’s largest customer and leads Slack’s 350,000 employees.

Slack has long used AWS to power parts of its chat application, and is now committed to using Amazon Cloud as its partner of choice for storage, computing, databases, security, analytics, machine learning, and future collaboration features. The deal means Slack could turn to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services or Google Cloud to get parts of its service, as expected.

“We haven’t used Azure,” said Brad Armstrong, vice president of business and corporate development at Slack, in an interview with The Verge. “The vast majority of our service always runs on AWS.” Armstrong says Slack hopes to use Azure in the future.

Going to Amazon Chime for lazy voice and video calls is also an important part of the deal. Sound and video conferencing is a particularly weak spot in Slack compared to Microsoft teams, but this new integration will greatly improve it in the future. Slack has already started migrating and is looking for new features. Armstrong says: “We are focused on the rear right now.” Since Chime has additional features, we hope to bring the video experience to mobile devices. We will also study copying. ”

Features like AWS Chatbot, a service that sends Slack channel alerts to Slack and Amazon AWS instances, ensures better product integration and interaction. In the coming months, Slack and AWS will improve the integration of Amazon Appflow and help share bilateral data between AWS services and Slack channels.

All of these integration sites and Slack adopt Amazon are designed to make the chat app more attractive to business customers. Slack has been steadily growing its corporate business, despite Microsoft’s recent push with the group. CEO Stuart Butterfield wanted to emphasize in recent interviews that he thought killing Microsoft Slack was unhealthy.

“The future of business software is fueled by a combination of cloud services and workflow collaboration tools,” Butterfield said in a statement. “The strategic partnership with AWS will allow both companies to meet demand and offer our customers company-wide offers.”

It is an agreement that benefits both Amazon and Slack. While Amazon gains a significant partner for AWS and its Chime platform, Slack enjoys AWS reliability and security with better voice and video calling service.