What’s New in Asus Zenbook Duo

There is only one reason to buy the Asus ZenBook Duo. If you see an image, you know what the reason is: there are two screens. Specifically, there is a main screen with a 14-inch 1080p matte screen. ScreenPad 2.0, a 12.6-inch IPS panel, is built in the upper half of the lower platform. Both are touchscreens and both support the Asus Active Stylus. It is difficult to explain how this is; As soon as you see it, you get it.

The 1,499 ZenBook Duo isn’t the only laptop like this: Last year’s ZenBook Pro Duo (which is a dysfunctional, portable version) offers dual-screen setups on a $ 2,500 workstation and several similar concepts like the ThinkPad X1 Lenovo Fold To be released later in the year. But right now, the SenBook Duo is the best laptop for most users who need more than one view.

Make sure you really want the extra screen, because the operations you need to do are important.

Unlike previous ZenBooks, like MacBook Pro Touch Bar or Pro 15, tested with the touchscreen touchpad, the touchpad has several clear use cases and should work.

I mainly focus on Slack, Twitter, and Spotify to stay focused. So I skipped them when I uploaded my basics, but sometimes I left it there to refer to notes or other information. You can easily send messages to a friend while watching Netflix, edit videos with the timer at the bottom, or stream a YouTube tutorial at the bottom while playing a game. I’m sure you can see your own use for this; It is like having a small built-in monitor. However, the ScreenPad is small and has a very close aspect ratio, making it ideal for streaming broadcasts in the background and stealing the look on Twitter. It’s a bit confusing to read in-depth or do real work on it.

By tapping the left side of the ScreenPad menu, you can access a handful of features that take advantage of the Duo form factor (as well as unlock the keyboard). The snapshot key (shortcuts to commands like cut, copy, and paste), the numeric keys (which lift a virtual numeric keypad), and handwriting (there are several applications that you can write with pen and text) will show your cursor wherever you are. be: Something exact). You can create “task groups” of up to five applications or tabs (two on the main screen and three on the screen panel), which you can open with a single click. You can add any application you want to the start menu and it can act as a secondary group.